The partnership between TrustWorks and PRISM is very essential because it would help in maintaining cross-chain compatibility while also providing users the opportunity to earn while staking rewards with their TRUST, further bringing utility to the ecosystem.

Prism ($PRISM) is the core ecosystem utility token backed by the Uniswap DEF/ETH liquidity pool tokens (LP) used in its minting process.

All products on the Prism platform are accessed using Prism in some form, making it one of the most valuable assets you can acquire in the Prism ecosystem.

Use Case & Benefits

Prism Network will be providing much-needed infrastructure support for the Trust works ecosystem. By supplying staking pools, and liquidity farming pools.

PRISM will be hosting the following staking pools featuring $TRUST:

  • bPRISM / TRUST — 90-day duration
  • BUSD / TRUST — 60-day duration
  • BNB / TRUST — 90-day duration
  • CAKE / TRUST — 60-day duration

To ensure the fair launch of these pools, a 24-hour pre-staking period will take place starting 5/15/21. Rewards will begin to be emitted from the pools starting 5/16/21.


TrustWorks is a development company focused on the areas of blockchain, AI, and financial technologies. TrustWorks have been working with public and private sector organizations since 2018.

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